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Hill Country Bed Sierra Side Table Small Shasta Teak Desk
Hill Country Bed
Price: $2,999.99
Shasta Teak Desk
Price: $1,249.99
Deschutes Bench Balance Side Table Wilderness Swing Bench
Deschutes Bench
Price: $1,249.99
Balance Side Table
Price: $379.99
Wilderness Swing Bench
Price: $1,499.99
County Seat Hub Chair Bovine Bar Chair
County Seat
Price: $379.99
Hub Chair
Price: $679.99
Bovine Bar Chair
Price: $579.99
Park Divan California Coffee Table California Coffee Table
Park Divan
Price: $749.99
California Coffee Table
Price: $1,249.99
Dixie Wall Table Jackson Hole Dining Table Plantation Chair
Dixie Wall Table
Price: $499.99
Plantation Chair
Price: $499.99
Circuit Bench Pueblo Bar Small Guadeloupe Seat
Circuit Bench
Price: $499.99
Pueblo Bar - Small
Price: $2,499.99
Guadeloupe Seat
Price: $479.99
Colorado Shelf Feed Trough Garden Bench Adirondack Chair
Colorado Shelf
Price: $749.99
Adirondack Chair
Price: $749.99
Seminary School Bench Husker Chair Stump Seat
Husker Chair
Price: $479.99
Stump Seat
Price: $249.99
Stump Seat Bar Chair Santa Fe Pub Table Shoshone Coffee Table Glass
Stump Seat Bar Chair
Price: $379.99
Santa Fe Pub Table
Price: $679.99
Garden Stool Garden Kitchen Chair Garden Bar Chair
Garden Stool
Price: $229.99
Garden Kitchen Chair
Price: $329.99
Garden Bar Chair
Price: $329.99
Ranch House Dinner Table Iron Horse Glider Bench Country Baker's Cabinet
Iron Horse Glider Bench
Price: $2,249.99
Country Baker's Cabinet
Price: $2,499.99
Country Quilt Box Trigger Seat Spring Creek Side Table
Country Quilt Box
Price: $499.99
Trigger Seat
Price: $429.99
Rockdale Rocker Winchester Wall Table Hill Country Side Table
Rockdale Rocker
Price: $1,249.99
Winchester Wall Table
Price: $1,379.99
Timber Lodge Billiard Table Ranch House Coffee Table Adirondack Bench
Adirondack Bench
Price: $1,499.99
Panhandle Hutch Adirondack Rocking Chair Desperado Coffee Table Glass
Panhandle Hutch
Price: $1,379.99
Campfire Stump Seat Hill Country Chess Table S Patagonia Hutch
Campfire Stump Seat
Price: $379.99
Patagonia Hutch
Price: $1,249.99
Sundance Ladder Chair Rocky Mountain Garden Bench Rocky Mountain Love Seat
Mojave Magazine Rack Round Kodiak Side Table Square Kodiak Side Table
Mojave Magazine Rack
Price: $349.99
Diablo Pub Table Alpine Bench Alpine Circuit Bench
Diablo Pub Table
Price: $1,379.99
Alpine Bench
Price: $629.99
Alpine Circuit Bench
Price: $499.99
Bighorn Root Chair Sierra Side Table Medium Sierra Side Table Large
Bighorn Root Chair
Price: $999.99

We offer rustic furniture made from reclaimed teak wood that will match your log cabin furnishings. Choose from a variety of kitchen furniture, including reclaimed wood dining tables and chairs, as well as hutches and shelving; rustic living room furniture including end tables, reclaimed wood coffee tables, and living room seating. All of the recycled wood furniture is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.