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Rustic Table Lamps

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Meyda 106287 Rustic Style Pinecone Table Lamp Meyda 22619 Van Erp Amber Mica Accent Lamp Meyda 22700 Van Erp Amber Mica Table Lamp
Meyda 24231 Leaping Trout Rustic Fish Table Lamp Meyda 26290 Prairie Dragonfly Mission Table Lamp Meyda 26821 Cross Mission Table Lamp
Meyda 28396 Prairie Dragonfly Tiffany Accent Lamp Meyda 31300 Gothic Mission Bankers Lamp TUBE Meyda 50757 Sedona Faux Leather Shade Table Lamp
Meyda 50872 Iron Mountain Rustic Accent Lamp Meyda 67850 Pinecone Ridge Table Lamp Meyda 67853 Honey Pine Branch Mission Table Lamp
Meyda 77774 Van Erp Amber Mica Table Lamp Meyda 82614 Pine Needle Table Lamp Meyda 98516 Grenway Amber Mica Table Lamp
Meyda 105544 Rustic Pinecone Accent Lamp Meyda 24216 Van Erp Amber Mica Oblong Rustic Table Lamp Meyda 24217 Van Erp Amber Mica Rustic Table Lamp
Meyda 27031 Fleur De Lis Tiffany Style Table Lamp Meyda 30788 Wilkenson Table Lamp Meyda 50887 Sedona Faux Leather Shade Table Lamp
Wilkenson Table Lamp
Price: $491.40
Meyda 66753 Beige Iridescent Country Table Lamp Meyda 67852 Burgundy Pine Branch Mission Table Lamp Meyda 71017 Arrowhead & Feather Faux Leather Shade Table Lamp
Meyda 82336 Trails End Table Lamp Meyda 78067 Grenway Amber Mica Table Lamp Rustic Table Lamps 32" Gifford Pinchot
Rustic Table Lamps 32" Moose Rustic Table Lamps 32" Mountain (Plain) Rustic Table Lamps 32" -Timber Ridge
Rustic Table Lamps 30" Narrow Spur Of The Moment Rustic Table Lamps Bundle Of Sticks Rustic Table Lamps 30" Narrow Cowboy
Rustic Table Lamps 30" Narrow Lucky Horseshoe Rustic Table Lamps La Paz Rustic Table Lamps 30" Narrow Pinecone
Table Lamp - LA PAZ
Price: $610.00
Rustic Table Lamps Saranac Rustic Table Lamps 30" Narrow Tree Rustic Table Lamps 26" Fish
Table Lamp - SARANAC
Price: $562.00
Rustic Table Lamps 26" Horseshoe Rustic Table Lamps Scottsdale Shasta Rustic Table Lamps Bear
Shasta Rustic Table Lamps Elk Shasta Rustic Table Lamps Moose Rustic Table Lamps Tahoe
Table Lamp - TAHOE
Price: $610.00
Rustic Table Lamps Acorn Double Desk Lamps Mission Rustic Table Lamps Ponderosa Pine
Table Lamp - ACORN
Price: $610.00
Rustic Table Lamps 8 Seconds Table Lantern Pinecone Rustic Table Lamps Copper Trails Horse
Southern Lights Lamp Long Point Lamp Honey Long Point Lamp Bleached
Southern Lights Lamp
Price: $499.99
Woodlands Branch Table Lamp Woodlands Branch Floor Lamp Haystack Lamp
Haystack Lamp
Price: $379.99
Meyda 118681 Van Erp Amber Mica Lighted Base Rustic Table Lamp Meyda 124233 Mackintosh Rose Mission Style Table Lamp Meyda 140286 Simple Mission Table Lamp
Browse a large selection of rustic table lamps, floor lamps, and antler lamps. Our Artisan Metal Lamps can be customized with shade and finish options to match your cabin decor. Our Antler Lamps will bring the outdoors in, to add a rustic atmosphere to any space. Country Critter also has unique Twig and Branch Lamps that will provide the perfect accent lighting to a dim space.

Imagine this; your day on the lake has just ended. The fishing boat has been parked, the hot dogs are cooking on the grill outside of your log cabin, and inside the fireplace crackles and illuminates the room with beautiful golden light. Can you picture it? Sitting at the table eating dinner with your family in a beautiful rustic cabin? If this seems too good to be true, think again. With rustic table lamps and rustic floor lamps from Country Critter, the ambiance of the great outdoors is brought inside your home.

Whether you live in a subdivision or an apartment, the selection of rustic lamps at Country Critter includes a variety of different rustic lighting options for your home. The selection includes beautifully crafted hickory, cedar, and even antler lamps. If what you love about nature is the opportunity to see animals that you rarely get to see in daily life, like bears, moose, and elks, bring them to your home! Country Critter offers table lamps with these animals sculpted in bronze, rust finish, old iron finish, and other options that you can choose from to match your individual home and decor. Besides the animals in nature, we also offer lamps with the foliage from the great outdoors. Lamp shades made with images of cedar leaves, pinecones, or even full trees as the base of the lamp bring the beauty of fall into your home, all year round! Each of these rustic floor and table lamps capture a unique aspect of nature from the crinkle of leaves beneath your feet to the sight of a bear in its natural environment and all of these will bring this nature into your home along with the golden light and atmosphere that rivals the glow of a fireplace in a log cabin.